About Us

The company is operating a variety of imported adhesives for industrial enterprises, the main agent HAILOK (British Helek) and LOCTITE (US Loctite), RITELOK (British Rexroth), CHEMITECH (Japan) and ThreeBond ) Of the adhesive products, the market all over the country. The company sales of all products through the ISO9002 certification and QS9000 certification, excellent product quality and improve technical services is the company’s main operating characteristics.

Industrial instant adhesive, screws and round parts fixative, empty hydraulic pipe sealant, flat and flange sealant, import structural adhesive, one-component epoxy resin, BGA underfill glue, electronic potting glue, PU hot melt adhesive, UV glue (UV glue) and lighting equipment, casting microporous repair impregnated plastic, PC board drape and protective adhesive, high-quality silicone, and dispenser equipment. At the same time, the company provides SMT electronic patch and thermal plastic and cleaning agents. We provide you with technical services at the same time, ready to provide a variety of products to meet your needs.

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